Water Cooler Options

Our water coolers and dispensers are innovatively designed and you can choose between desktop models which save floor space, or freestanding water coolers. You can also choose between bottled or mains-fed water machines. Both types of dispenser evidently have their advantages, so consider which would suit your needs best. The benefits of each are as follows:

Bottle Water Machines

  • Convenience of easy maintenance
  • Ability to place the machine anywhere there is a mains plug available
  •  No need to plumb the machine into the mains water supply

Mains-fed Plumbed Water Coolers

  • Water filtered internally through the machine
  • No need to buy additional water bottles
  • Ideal for a large number of users – busy office, gym, hotel etc

Fresh Hot & Cold Water

Aqua Vitae water dispensers provide you with fresh, cold water to cool you down when you are working or training hard, but they are just as capable of providing you with a supply of piping hot water. Our water machines are therefore ideal for making tea, coffee, soup and even noodles. Having this water literally on-tap also saves the time and energy that would be used on boiling a kettle, meaning that this is an extremely convenient option.

Ideal for Any Environment

Aqua Vitae water dispensers are used in an array of different environments, from offices, health centres and sports clubs to beauty salons, dentist’s, warehouses and garages. And thanks to the stylish designs that you can find with our water coolers, more and more people are using them in their homes.

Our range of water machines offer excellent value for money, and you can save further by purchasing your machine, rather than leasing it. For more information please call us on our freephone number, 0800 0029 567, or email via our contact page.